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Changing the way Ontarians think about, talk about and deal with cancer.

Where there is cancer, there is fear, lots of it. It can prevent people from being proactive in the face of the disease "I'm afraid to see my doctor about this lump", make it difficult for people to get the answers they need, or make the decisions they need to most "I am afraid of the unknown, I am afraid to make the wrong choice" and ultimately, it can affect outcomes - and even cost lives.

The FearLess Project begins to lay the groundwork for the broader mission of the Canadian Cancer Society - to ensure no Canadian lives in fear of cancer. Our first step this fall is to get as many Ontarians as possible to acknowledge their fear of cancer. And then show them how the Canadian Cancer Society can help confront, cope and manage these fears - and as a result - cancer itself. No other organization has the information & support services, prevention strategies, advocacy and research breakthroughs to change the way we think about cancer, what we do to fight it, how we live with it, and what we know about preventing it. Because when we all can become FEARLESS in the face of cancer, we will change cancer forever.

Fear Survey

In support of The FearLess Project launch, the Canadian Cancer Society commissioned Ipsos-Reid to survey Ontarians to learn about their biggest cancer fears. What we discovered confirmed that better understanding the role of fear in cancer, and its impact on everything from outcomes to quality of life will help us tailor our services and supports for people facing cancer, develop new programs or advocacy strategies and potentially inform new research.

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Help us change the way Canadians think about, talk about and deal with cancer. Share your fear and then share the project with family and friends. Because when we all become Fearless, we will change cancer forever.

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